As one of the pioneers in the Air Operated Double Diaphragms (AODD) pump industry, Shanghai PumpKits Company has been devoted to providing replacement parts and service for AODD pump aftersales market and solutions to AODD pump manufacturers during the past 15 years.

Shanghai PumpKits Company focus on AODD pump diaphragms, valve balls and valve seats. The material of our products includes neoprene, Buna-N, EPDM, Viton, Santoprene and PTFE. Our products fit Wilden®, Warren-Rupp®, Versa-Matic® ,Graco®,BLAGDON® ,Yamada®,DEPA®,and ARO® AODD pumps. Both the test results in our lab and the feedback from the end users show that the working life of our products is equal to or exceeds the American produced products. We are also able to help our customer consolidate the metal parts including the air valves, liquid chamber, manifold discharge, center block and other hardware parts. We have massive inventory for all of our major products so that we can make instant delivery for our domestic and international customers’ demand. We take responsibility of calling back and replacement for all our products at our cost in case there is a quality problem.

Shanghai PumpKits Company is not affiliated with Wilden®, Warren-Rupp®, Versa-Matic® ,Graco®,BLAGDON® ,Yamada®,or ARO® and we also don’t have any cooperation relationship with them. The products we are supplying don’t get involved any of their patterns and trademarks.

Shanghai PumpKits Company owns the trade mark PUMPKITS and it can only be used for the products we authorized to produce.